The Birth of the Bikazoom Brand Bicycle Chain Lube


Bicycling in India comes in various forms, from the half cycles and three-fourth cycles we learned to ride, to the full cycles used for commuting, the three-wheeled cycles for transporting people and goods, and the high-end specialty bicycles used for sports. Nowadays, it’s common for every child to receive a bicycle when they reach riding age. However, this wasn’t always the case. Many of us rented bicycles from local shops by the hour to learn how to ride and for occasional fun rides with friends. Even when we owned a full bicycle, repairs and lubrication were handled by the local bicycle repairman, and we often resorted to using our mother’s sewing machine oil for the chain.

As years passed, we began riding different types of bikes for the sheer joy of feeling the wind on our faces, the thrill of speed, the sense of achievement, and the health benefits. These new bicycles were expensive, often foreign-branded, and required expert maintenance, including regular cleaning and lubrication. However, maintenance was frequently neglected. Many of us would spray WD-40 on our bike chains, believing it to be the most convenient lubricant available. Alternatively, we might still use sewing machine oil.

The wake-up call came when we faced the need to replace chains and cassettes due to chain slippage. The expense was a real eye-opener, revealing that high-end bicycle chains require specialty lubricants for smoother rides and longer chain life. When we searched for the right bicycle chain lubricant, we found that only imported products seemed up to the task but came with hefty price tags due to high manufacturing costs and import duties.

Being involved in the bicycle and sports business for many years and being ardent bicyclists from childhood, we wondered: why can’t we create a quality bicycle chain lubricant here in India? And thus, the Bikazoom bicycle chain lube story began. Our journey from conception to creation was filled with challenges and discoveries. We delved deep into research and development, striving to understand the specific needs of Indian cyclists and the environmental conditions they face. We tested numerous formulations, seeking the perfect balance between performance and affordability.

In our next blog, we will dive deeper into the development process of Bikazoom bicycle chain lube. We'll share the trials and triumphs, the rigorous testing, and the breakthroughs that led us to create a product we're truly proud of. Stay tuned to learn more about how Bikazoom is revolutionizing bicycle maintenance in India. 

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