A New Logo and Label Design for Bikazoom Chain Lubricants!

While the formulation and testing of the lubricant were progressing at the researcher’s end, we at Bikazoom were concurrently focused on the packaging and presentation of the product. Our logo, which previously leaned heavily on a bicycle-oriented theme, underwent a significant transformation to adopt a more sports-oriented aesthetic. However, to firmly establish our new line of chain lubricants, we concluded that refocusing our logo on bicycling was essential.

The Trademark Challenge

Alongside the logo redesign, we faced a crucial issue with our trademark. Over the years, we hadn’t taken the necessary steps to register our trademark, underestimating the potential risk of someone else claiming our name. To our surprise, when we searched the trademark registry for bicycling products, we discovered that a name resembling ours already existed.

To navigate this challenge, we considered two options. The first option was to register under a different product class, specifically lubricants, to avoid conflicts with the similar name. The second option involved claiming our name in the bicycle and sports trademark registry by proving our longstanding presence in the market, predating the similar registration. Given our current financial constraints, we opted to pursue the first route initially, with plans to address the second option as our financial situation improves.

Crafting the Perfect Logo

With the trademark issues temporarily settled, our attention shifted back to the logo. We embarked on a journey to create a new, bicycling-oriented logo. Initially, we found a designer online who claimed to specialize in creating original, minimalistic logos. We provided her with a comprehensive brief, including our past logos, our expectations, and examples of logos we admired.

Despite her assurances of originality, her initial designs fell short of our expectations. She presented us with concepts that felt too derivative, such as a logo where the two 'o's in "Bikazoom" were styled as a bicycle. While some people found this design appealing, others criticized it for being unoriginal and clichéd.





Determined to find a more unique representation, we sought another designer and eventually collaborated with Alexei from Poland. His approach to logo design was refreshing. He presented us with several options, each distinct and innovative. It was intriguing to observe how preferences varied among different individuals. When presented with five logos, opinions were diverse, highlighting the subjective nature of design. Through several iterations and refinements, we settled on a simple yet dynamic logo. In the process, the Bikazoom name was split into two, creating a distinctive and memorable identity.                       






Designing the Label

Concurrent with finalizing the logo, we decided to entrust Alexei with the label design work as well. Given his familiarity with our design ethos and requirements, he was well-suited for this task. Simultaneously, we were in search of the perfect bottle for our bicycle chain lubricant. Our initial preference was for a 100 ml bottle, but we eventually opted for a 150 ml squeeze bottle to ensure efficient and economical application of the lube.

We also considered the bottle’s color. To prevent visible dirt and grime from the applicator’s hands from soiling the bottle, we decided on a dark-colored bottle. While white bottles were available in smaller lot sizes, darker bottles required custom manufacturing and a commitment to larger lots. Given our insistence on quality and color, we chose the custom-made darker bottles. We identified a manufacturer in northern India to produce these bottles, ensuring they met our specifications.

The Labeling Process

We decided that all three variations of our lubricant would feature similar labels with content tailored to each specific variation. Initially, we faced challenges in printing the labels. Differences in versions between the designer and the printer resulted in discrepancies between the label images and the printed output. To resolve this, we opted for synthetic material for the labels instead of traditional paper, enhancing durability and appearance.

The process of finalizing the label design was a collaborative effort. Alexei provided several iterations, each incorporating feedback and aligning more closely with our vision. The labels were designed to be visually cohesive across all product variations, maintaining a consistent brand identity while highlighting the unique features of each lubricant type.



Packaging and Launch Preparations

With the logo and label design finalized, we turned our attention to packaging. The dark, 150 ml squeeze bottles with synthetic labels were ready, and we were poised to launch our new line of chain lubricants. This journey of branding, from overcoming trademark challenges to designing a logo and label that truly represent Bikazoom, was a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation.

The final product not only reflects our brand’s identity but also meets the practical needs of our customers. As we prepare for the launch, we are confident that our chain lubricants will make a significant impact in the market. Stay tuned for the next chapter in our journey – the official product launch!

In conclusion, the development of Bikazoom chain lubricants has been a multifaceted process, involving meticulous attention to detail in branding, packaging, and presentation. Our revamped logo, thoughtful label design, and practical packaging reflect our dedication to providing high-quality products to our customers. We are excited to bring our new chain lubricants to the market and look forward to sharing them with the bicycling community.

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